Sargon of Akkad has declared himself the leader of a strange Internet cult that believes in radical individualism. He’s like a weird Internet version of Jim Jones with a John Locke obsession.

After being soundly defeated by Richard Spencer in a live debate on the tubes, Sargon of Akkad has decided to declare himself the leader of a bizarre Internet cult. He did this in a short video where he finally addressed his humiliating loss to Spencer.

He is now referring to himself as a “liberalist” while trying to form a collective cult of individuals that he is the leader of.

Does this not strike anybody as strange? A collective group of individualists can’t actually exist because every individual as an individualist would have the ability to speak on behalf of the entire group. Not allowing this would undermine their own ideology as individualists.

It is also unknown how you can have a leader of a group of individualists if everybody is their own separate unique individual with their own views and opinions.

And look, I am a huge believer in freedoms for individuals. However, radical individualism is not a viable political ideology when other groups acting as separate collectives are waging war on you. That’s what is happening to White Europeans. We have Jews and other races aggressively waging war on us in a hive mind like fashion. The only way to counter this is for us to come together as a collective to defend our interests.

But this shit from Sargon is just goofy. He seems to think that he can lead and form an Internet cult to defend his honor against the Alt-Right. He’s obviously severely butt hurt from his debate loss and probably figures that this is the only viable strategy for him moving forward.

Mister Metokur ended up talking to Sargon and one of his cult members after he was making fun of Sargon’s plan to lead an Internet cult on Twitter. Metokur made them look even dumber by questioning what their intention was with this retarded cult they were forming. The whole conversation is crazy. Sargon has completely gone off the deep end from his debate loss.

If this continues, it will not end well for Sargon and his Internet cult. He should probably just resign from the tubes and save himself further embarrassment. After the latest Murdoch Murdoch video dubbed “Sargon the Afraid” I’m shocked that he hasn’t quit the tubes to hide in a cave.

I’m going to have to cover this situation in more detail on my next podcast. This is some truly weird shit.