Is the era of Alt-Lite cam whores and e-skanks finally coming to an end? It sure looks that way. These sluts now have the Marxist blog site Salon defending them.

The entire gist of the piece is to paint women like Southern as victims of evil Alt-Right males who have said mean things to them.

It’s total shit. Southern is not a victim of anything. She is a disgusting skank who has willfully exploited an audience of well meaning men for money. The fact that all of these other Alt-Lite and Alt-Right women rushed to her defense after her coal burning activities were exposed is just them projecting more of this Jewish feminist garbage into our movement.

They’re basically whining about men criticizing them after they voluntarily entered a male space. If they didn’t want to be criticized than they should have married and stayed in the kitchen.

While Southern has been raking in donations allowing her to travel the world, men like Christopher Cantwell have been in jail. Did she post any videos encouraging people to help Cantwell and others who have been victimized by this evil ZOG system? What value has she offered our cause? All she has done is steal resources from our movement to finance her world travel.

This is not to say that I’m against women contributing and supporting our movement. There are a handful of women who I consider to be assets to our cause.

Here’s the thing though. There is a right way for women to contribute and support what we are doing but these whores have gone about it the wrong way. The sooner this brand of Alt-Lite cam whoring e-skankery is destroyed the better.