The sadistic Jew Charles Krauthammer who has been a regular commentator on Fox News for many years has announced that he is near death. He’s been battling cancer for awhile and his diagnosis is now terminal.

Fox News spent lots of time talking about this yesterday.

Krauthammer was a psychiatrist turned political commentator. He was wheelchair bound due to a driving accident he had in his 20s. Like every other Jew we have seen on cable news, he spent much of his time advocating for endless war against the enemies of Israel.

He was always presented as some sort of intelligent expert on political matters even though he never had anything substantive or interesting to say. Bill O’Reilly had him on almost every day before he got #MeTooed off the network. He was also a regular guest on other Fox News shows.

I have no idea why people found his commentating compelling. Maybe you’d have to be a Jew or a boomer to like his analysis. Whatever the case, Krauthammer’s days of fucking over the goyim with his lies are almost over. He will be dead soon, and overall that is a very good thing.