I remember when the concept of forced vaccinations was called conspiracy theory talk. Well, we are now seeing this concept being implemented in real time. Rutgers University is going to require students get a COVID vaccine or they won’t be allowed to attend their shitty school.

The idea that you have to get this weird experimental mRNA vaccine to prevent something that has a 99.99+ percent survivability rate is insane. But there is a weird agenda at play to get as many people as possible to take these strange gene-altering shots. One of the ways in which they are trying to do this is is to prevent people from having access to certain parts of society if you don’t get the shot. What Rutgers is doing is just a preview of what we will see other mainstream institutions do. They’ll prevent you from being able to do normal things without proof of vaccination etc.. How far they’ll be able to push this is not known, but they’ll try to push it to the limit for sure.

But unless you plan on studying something in the STEM fields and maybe a handful of other disciplines, there really is no reason to go to college in this current era. Especially at a school that makes you take one of these bizarre shots.

What Rutgers is doing is highly immoral and highly unethical. Who the hell are they to push collective medicine on people? It’s no different than this collective pushing of masks on everybody regardless of their personal health situation. It’s evil and it is wrong.