Some Ukrainian navy ships were fired upon after they engaged in what has been called “dangerous maneuvers” in Russian waters. The incident occurred near Crimea near where the Russians built that enormous bridge just a short period of time ago.

The Russians have also placed a large ship to block access to ships seeking to move through the area.

But basically what we have here is a situation where the Ukrainian military sent a group of their navy ships into an area that is now effectively part of Russia and started doing some weird shit. The Russians responded accordingly. And now this is going to be used to claim that Russia is behaving aggressively. The whole thing is absurd.

The Ukrainian government isn’t even legitimate any way. The original pro-Russian government was overthrown in a Jewish-funded coup a few years back. The people of Crimea did not like this so they voted overwhelmingly to reunify with Russia. Other parts of Eastern Ukraine also tried to separate which sparked all sorts of conflict.

In response to the incident, the illegitimate Ukrainian government has announced a declaration of martial law and is talking about war etc.. They think that they’ll be able to drag NATO into this which is insane.

Ukraine is not part of NATO but the goal is obviously to bring Ukraine into NATO to wage war against Russia which would result in lots of dead White people.

So here we have another reason for the United States to pull out of NATO. There is zero legitimate reason for the United States to wage war against Russia regarding squabbles between Russia and a former Soviet state. And besides, Emmanuel Macron is apparently organizing a European army, so there no longer any reason for NATO.