Robert De Niro was at the White House Correspondents Dinner this weekend which was not so cleverly renamed “Not the White House Correspondents Dinner” due to Donald Trump’s refusal to attend. He was there to solicit donations to help lying fake news journalists who had their feelings hurt because the bad orange man called them liars.

Fox News:

Academy Award-winning actor Robert De Niro unloaded – once again – on President Trump during a brief appearance Friday at the Not the White House Correspondents’ Dinner in Washington, D.C.

De Niro has been an outspoken opponent of Trump. In December, the 75-year-old actor told CNN that Trump’s tenure in the White House will be “one of those things” that people will look back on years from now and recall, “Remember all that stuff, how terrible it was?”

De Niro told the audience on Friday that he stood with host Samantha Bee to support the First Amendment, and “the right of the president to be a relentless and unrepentant, lying scumbag, the right of his supporters to not give a shit, and our right to do something about it.”

Specifically, he was asking for people to donate to the Committee to Protect Journalists. This is a group that was setup to expose censorship and to protect journalists doing work in third world countries. But apparently now they think the orange man in the White House is a threat to a free press because he calls them fake news.

This is some of the most deranged bullshit imaginable. Calling journalists liars is protected speech under the First Amendment. It does not represent a threat to journalism. These same journalists De Niro is soliciting donations for are actually against a free press. They’ve openly supported mass censorship on social media of people who disagree with them and acted with indifference when Julian Assange of WikiLeaks was persecuted and arrested for conducting journalism.

So what are they saying here? That you are against journalism if you don’t believe everything they say? That’s a tall order considering all the lies they pushed about the Russia hoax and numerous other events. Their credibility is at an all-time low right now.

And on top of that, there is zero attempt to censor mainstream journalists. Nobody is banning them from social media or shutting down their ability to broadcast even though they are effectively propagandists for a foreign entity. That entity being world Jewry and Israel.

In a sane world, they would be shut down for serving the interests of a foreign power, but they’re not because the American government is run by those same people.

This is such an insane thing. They’re literally getting retarded people to donate money to them so they can actively push to censor people they disagree with under the guise that they’re fighting for a free press because the bad orange man called them liars.

Just try to wrap your mind about what’s going on here.