MILO has just leaked audio of Richard Spencer freaking out during an emergency meeting he held after the 2017 Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville was unlawfully shut down by police. MILO wrote a whole piece about the audio clip and accused Spencer of working for the CIA.

The clip is quite funny.

Long story short, Spencer is heard on the clip shrieking about ritually humiliating Jews and blacks. He rants about the “little fucking kikes” and talks about enslaving octaroons. Hilariously, you can hear his voice cracking during portions of the clip as he rages on and on.

It’s a crazy clip, but to be honest, I like this version of Spencer much better than his normal public persona. At least this version of Spencer seems to be much more real and authentic.

His public persona is awful. He comes off as pompous elitist making him difficult for the average person to relate to. He like the costume Nazi crowd appear to be playing character roles that are deliberately designed to turn the average White person off from White nationalism.

It’s also open knowledge that Spencer has a fairly significant drinking problem. Nearly every time I’ve seen this guy on a video stream, he either looked drunk or was literally drinking as he did the show. Needless to say, it isn’t a good presentation.

But either way, it’s become increasingly obvious that Spencer is not a serious person. Recently he’s been counter signaling Nick Fuentes and the groyper war against fake conservative incorporated.

He seems to be doing this either out of jealousy or to sabotage what are some very positive political developments in our favor.