The media fiasco surrounding Prince Andrew and the insane interview he gave to the BBC where he talked about not being able to sweat has mostly been a distraction. Ghislaine Maxwell the Jewish Mossad asset who found girls for the Jew Jeff Epstein, is a far more important figure in this crazy story.

A British tabloid is saying that she is about to come out of hiding and is preparing to talk to the FBI.

The Sun:

Prince Andrew’s pal Ghislaine Maxwell will speak to the FBI about their links to paedo Jeffrey Epstein.

Sources said the sex slaver’s “madam”, 57, aims to emerge from hiding within days.

Sources say she is set to defend herself and the prince.

She has told pals she thinks the picture of them with Virginia Roberts, who claims she had sex with Andrew when she was 17, may have been doctored.

I somehow doubt that this will happen, but who knows, maybe I’ll be proven wrong. She’s probably been in Israel for months now.

And the thing is, her connections to Israeli intelligence make it difficult to believe that she’ll actually be prosecuted for any wrongdoing. Even though she was heavily involved in this Jewish/Israeli entrapment/blackmail operation with Epstein.

The Jewish media is trying to paint Prince Andrew as the main fall guy behind this story even though he really wasn’t a central figure in any of this. He was just a stupid person who paled around with Epstein and apparently fucked the girls Epstein provided him.