When we said that they were going to shut down everything on the Internet, we weren’t kidding. We are now at the point where one of the largest pro-Trump message boards is getting censored. The r/The_Donald message board on Reddit has just been quarantined which is usually a precursor to them banning a board entirely.

Right now, if you try to access the board, you get this fucked up message warning about supposed evil content being posted.

This is a fairly large community, so literally anybody could have made up some shit about violent threats to give Reddit justification to do this.

These technology companies are attempting to purge all of Trump’s political supporters from every major social media platform. And if we are brutally honest about what’s happening, they are doing a pretty good job of it. At this rate, Trump supporters will not be able to openly support him on any major social media platform by 2020. Their support will be classified as “hate” because Trump is considered to be the orange version of Adolf Hitler.

The fact that Trump has done nothing but tweet and hold meetings about this problem is insane. He’s allowing all of his political supporters to be banned off the Internet while a handful of technology companies run rough shot over the First Amendment. This despite the fact that he has the power through the Federal Communications Commission to force these companies to provide universal access.

Last year, it looked like Trump was preparing to do something substantive about this situation. But now it looks like he isn’t going to do a damn thing about it. His lack of action on this important issue has been a major betrayal of his base.

What’s particularly maddening about all of this is how the MAGApedes on forums like r/The_Donald did not support people like myself, the Daily Stormer and other Alt-Right content creators when the ban hammer dropped on us after Charlottesville. They figured that the bans were only for evil Nazi people and that nothing would ever happen to them.

The point is that you either support free speech for all or you don’t support free speech. So honestly, I have a hard time giving too much of a shit that these people are getting blacklisted. They should have supported our right to free speech when they had the chance and they chose not to do so.