A new Gallup poll has revealed that a record number of Americans want to leave the country. Leftists are trying to claim that this is because of Donald J. Trump’s presidency but this is not a correct assessment of the situation.

Trump hasn’t done anything substantive that has adversely impacted the lives of leftists. They’re just acting outraged for the sake of being outraged.

It’s guaranteed that the main group of people who want to leave America are White conservatives. That’s because America is rapidly turning into a dump thanks to all of this third world genetic waste that has flooded in. The country has gone from being 90 percent White to being 60 percent since the 1960s. With third world populations you introduce third world problems.

There’s also been a significant increase in Jews promoting their bullshit agendas since Trump took office. White conservative supporters of Trump are among the most discriminated people in the country. If any of us articulate our true political views we can get banned from all the main social media sites and even get fired from our jobs. Outside of limited gun rights, White conservatives have little if any freedoms unless you consider degenerate bullshit like watching porn, smoking weed and abortions.

And to make matters worse, we have an enormous police state that has been setup. Does anybody honestly feel free when they try to board an aircraft in America? You have to deal with a bunch of low IQ goons enforcing retarded security regulations that do nothing to keep anybody safe. It’s nothing but security theater. They’ll confiscate your toothpaste tube, subject you to public molestation while letting Mohammed and his buddies go through screenings with no questions asked.

If they were serious about security they would just ban Moslems from boarding airplanes. But they don’t do that because of muh racism or whatever.

America is a cesspit and when I hear boomers and other fools talk about how America is a free country I just have to laugh. It is most definitely not a free country, it is one of the least free countries on the planet.

Of course, this is what happens when subversive Jews infiltrate and control your country with their billions of shekels. America is a joke.