This is the greatest article I’ve seen all day. It looks like all the hate and racism we have been pushing is finally paying off!

Al Jazeera:

They have come from the big cities of San Francisco, Chicago, and New York. Thousands of them. And many refuse to return.

A new wave of African Americans is escaping the incessant racism and prejudice in the United States. From Senegal and Ghana to The Gambia, communities are emerging in defiance of conventional wisdom that Africa is a continent everyone is trying to leave.

It is estimated that between 3,000 and 5,000 African Americans live in Accra, the Ghanaian capital. They are teachers in small towns in the west or entrepreneurs in the capital and say they that even though living in Ghana is not always easy, they feel free and safe.

Take Muhammida el-Muhajir, a digital marketer from New York City, who left her job to move to Accra.

She says she moved, because despite her education and experience, she was always made to feel like a second-class citizen. Moving was an opportunity to fulfil her potential and avoid being targeted by racial violence.

All Blacks in the United States should follow the example of those described in this article. If you move back to Africa, you’ll be around your own people and you will not be subjected to racial discrimination. That means no more hurt feelings from racist White people.

Marcus Garvey tried to do this years ago but he was condemned by other Blacks. Looks like he had the right idea based on this article!

Marcus Garvey tried to get his fellow Blacks to go back to Africa back in the early 20th century. Unfortunately, they refused to follow his lead.

But seriously, why is this such a hard concept for these niggers to understand? If the White man is so racist and mean, it is easy to buy a plane ticket that will take you back to Africa. This is something Blacks should really consider taking advantage of because if they think the election of Donald Trump was bad, they haven’t seen anything yet.

This story proves that racism and hate works. We need more not less of it. The more racism and hate there is, the more likely it is that we’ll see Blacks take their asses back to Africa where they belong!