Vladimir Putin was interviewed again by Megyn Kelly recently. During the interview he was asked about Russians interfering in the American election. Putin responded by saying that he didn’t care about the issue but said that other groups of people including Jews could have been involved.


Russian President Vladimir Putin told NBC he doesn’t care about alleged Russian interference in the US presidential election because the actions weren’t connected to his government, further suggesting “Ukrainians, Tatars or Jews” might have been involved.

In an interview with the US television network, the Russian president was asked if he condoned the interference by 13 Russian nationals and three Russian companies detailed in a US indictment.

“I do not care at all, because they do not represent the government,” he said, according to the interview transcript posted Saturday by the Kremlin.

Putin is right not to care. The entire narrative is absurd beyond imagination. It is now all centered around alleged social media shitposting. The people who the FBI accused of this shitposting on social media have no official links to the Russian government. And even if a link could be proven, all these people did was shitpost on social media. Their activities had no impact on the results of the election.

This nonsense about Russians meddling in the election as we have said from the start is a Jewish hoax designed to take down Trump and ruin potentially positive relations between the United States and Russia. Putin’s comments about Jews being involved with this shows that he understands the type of game that’s being played against them.

Trump won the election because the American people got behind him. He didn’t win because of some Russian conspiracy. It’s all made up nonsense that’s being promoted and pushed by the Jew-run media and other bad actors.

Here are the NBC propaganda pieces on Putin where they try to paint him as the most evil man to ever live.

And here’s the unedited Putin interview that provides a much better context to the NBC propaganda pieces.