Russia’s President Vladimir Putin introduced his nation’s modern nuclear weapons arsenal to the world today. Essentially, Russia is in the process of developing a nuclear arsenal that gives them the ability to hit any city in the world while avoiding detection. Some of this technology has apparently already been developed.

The Sun:

VLADIMIR Putin says Russia is developing an “unstoppable” nuclear cruise missile which cannot be intercepted by any anti-missile system on earth.

The newly developed intercontinental ballistic rocket with “unlimited range” was one of several unveiled by the Russian leader in his state of the nation address in Moscow.

They include a nuclear-powered cruise missile, a nuclear-powered underwater drone and new hypersonic missile which apparently have no equivalent.

Footage shown during his speech apparently showed the new “unstoppable” missile heading toward the United States as he promises to “neutralise” America’s missile defence.

“Russia remained a nuclear power but no one wanted to listen to us,” Putin, 65, told lawmakers. “Listen to us now.”

He said the hypersonic intercontinental rocket, known as the Avangard, is capable of travelling 20 times the speed of sound and strike “like a meteorite, like a fireball”.

Putin made this announcement at his annual address to the Federal Assembly today. The full speech is below.

The most interesting aspect to what happened here is that Putin’s announcement seems to have caught everybody off guard. While American intelligence services, the FBI and other organizations have been obsessed with thwarting Donald Trump and chasing conspiracy theories, the Russians have been quietly bolstering their nuclear weapons capabilities.

It is time to stop antagonizing the Russians. We should be allies with them. The only reason we aren’t is because Jews have taken over the levers of political power in the United States and have been using the nation’s blood and treasure to benefit Israel and their parasitical tribe.

The only group that would benefit from a war between the United States and Russia would be the Jews. That’s why we see all of this anti-Russia insanity in the Jew-run media. They want people to think that Russia is the biggest threat to America when in reality the biggest threat is the Jewish enemy within.