Yesterday, portraits of Barack Obama and his husband Michael Obama were unveiled causing great disgust among the general public.

Barack’s portrait was painted by some leftist nigger faggot and the result speaks for itself. The portrait is goofy and weird. Look at those big monkey hands! They’re bigger than his face! lol

The portrait of Michael Obama was equally if not more ridiculous. It was painted by some strange nigger woman. The portrait doesn’t even look like her and is just as bizarre as Barack’s portrait.

These results aren’t surprising considering who they picked to paint them. This is what happens when you have monkeys painting other monkeys.

CNN interviewed the painters. Just watch these goofy niggers for 30 seconds and try not to laugh.

As a member of the general public, I can say that these portraits have offended me greatly. They’ve also hurt my feelings because of how artistically horrible they are.

100 years from now people are going to look back at this era and declare it to be one of the worst periods in human existence. They’ll use these portraits as proof to show how fucked up things were.