The non-White leader of the Proud Boys was arrested over the burning of a BLM banner and ordered to stay out of Washington DC by a judge.

This again shows that we do not have a legitimate system of justice in this country. Anti-fascists and BLM people were banning down cities, violently attacking people and causing all sorts of mayhem last year and nothing happened to their leaders. But a single BLM banner gets burned and they arrest the Proud Boys leader over it. This is third world type stuff we are seeing which is not shocking considering America is basically a third world communist country now.

Clearly, this was timed purposefully considering the huge rally and march that is taking place today in support of the President. Without their leader present, the rank and file of the Proud Boys were fighting cops and getting into all sorts of weird altercations last night.

Hard to say if today will be any better, but we’ll just have to see. It’s going to be an interesting day for sure.