A bunch of blacks got into a fight at an Alabama mall and one black took out a gun and started shooting. When cops arrived, they shot another black who had a gun but it turns out that he wasn’t the actual black who was shooting people.

Now we have blacks protesting the cops at the Alabama mall where the shooting happened.

This shit is becoming increasingly tiring. It’s hard to say what the cops could have done differently considering the situation. They hear that a black is shooting up a mall, show up to the mall and see a black with a gun running away so they shoot him.

The dead black was also in the military. He was apparently in the process of completing training. But if you look at him, he looks more like a gang banger than a military man so there was nothing of value lost here. Of course, the military has plenty of gang banging blacks in the ranks. That’s just a fact.

The bottom line is that these blacks need to be in their separate country. That way they can shoot and kill each other all they want without being afraid that a racist White police officer will interfere with their savagery.