Considering what happened this past weekend with the Central American orc hordes attempting to storm the border, POTUS is once again threatening to permanently close the border.

He should just do it until the Mexicans are able to get control of the situation. Or hell, just close it until we get a proper border wall is completed. There’s thousands more Central American invaders heading north. So what happened this weekend is just going to happen again but in larger numbers.

Even an MSNBC reporter said that they were “storming” the border.

It’s interesting to see that both CNN and MSNBC have given up pretending like this whole thing was some type of hoax promoted by Trump for votes. They’re actually being forced to admit that this migrant horde is a legitimate problem.

But expect to see the Jewish media plaster these two images everywhere.

They’re going to try to emotionally blackmail stupid women and faggots into thinking that this caravan invasion are just innocent women and children. And that the mean bad orange man is gassing them for no reason.

The reality is that most of these invaders are young men.

Whatever the case, even if they weren’t young men, they have no right to enter our country illegally for economic purposes. They all need to be sent back to their shitholes.