This is arguably one of the best moments of Donald Trump’s presidency. After posting several tweets telling these subversive anti-American Congressapes to get the fuck out of the country, he said the same thing at a press conference earlier today.

As he doubled down on his rhetoric, some skank reporter was flipping out in the background breathlessly whining about racism etc.. It was fucking hilarious.

He was even asked about how his statements are bad because they are supported by White nationalists and he brushed it off saying that lots of people support what he said.

He also posted some other tweets about this later on in the day.

This is a very smart political move by Trump. He is forcing the Democrat Party to defend this small group of insane women who obviously hate everything about America. The statements about Israel don’t even really bother me all that much because what he is saying is so funny.

He’s causing his political enemies to become unhinged. They have no response to what he’s saying. All they can do is point fingers and say “orange man racist” over and over again.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib and Ayanna Pressley held a press conference later. All they did was whine about children in cages, children drinking out of toilets, mass deportations, the Russia hoax, “values” and how Trump is a very bad criminal man who hates the color of their skin and grabs women by their pussies. Not surprisingly, they also called for his impeachment.

Trump is causing the Democrat Party to drive themselves off a cliff. These four Communist lunatics are now the public face of their party and that’s going to drive the party into the abyss.