The President officially signed the tax reform bill into law today. He signed it in the Oval Office in front of the press.

This is a win. The fact that it repeals the Obamacare mandate is huge. It was insane that people were being forced to pay for something that they might not need or want. This alone represents a big blow to Obamacare.

While I would have preferred a more aggressive approach on the personal income tax side, the bill is a step in the right direction.

It sounds like the President is going to do infrastructure next which should be the easiest one to get consensus on. He’ll probably be able to get some Democrats to support it.

The big question for all of us is how DACA is going to be handled. I’m obviously against giving amnesty to any of these anchor babies and want them tossed the hell out of the country. Unfortunately, a deal will probably be struck in order to get funding for the border wall and other much needed changes in the immigration system. That seems to be where this is all heading, but we’ll see what actually happens.