President Trump vowed to continue the government shutdown until the Democrats cave and vote to give him funding for the border wall.

Basically what we have here is a game of chicken. It is probably safe to assume that the Democrats are not going to agree to any deal in the Congressional lame duck session.

From there, it will be a matter of seeing who will fold first. Trump should absolutely ignore all the kvetching from the Jewish media and stay firm until the Democrats agree to give him some funding. If it takes months, years or whatever so be it.

The Democrat position is ridiculous. They previously voted for infrastructure to secure the border and are just opposing it now to try and thwart Trump’s major campaign promise. They’re whining about how it is a waste of money when this is the same party that has previously supported all sorts of wasteful spending programs. Unlike all the waste they’ve supported, the border wall is a very necessary and important thing required for national security.

But Trump has made some progress already. Some sections of the border have already been reinforced with new barriers and infrastructure. He also talked about how a contract has been approved to build 115 miles of border wall in Texas.

It does look as if Trump is trying his best to get this done. If he can’t get funding through Congress, I’m somewhat optimistic that he’ll be able to find funds in discretionary budgets or through creative legal processes. If all else fails, the military can most certainly be used to get this done.