The big tech firms are definitely on the president’s radar. Yesterday, he called out the Democrat Party’s collusion with big tech monopolies. He called out Facebook, Google and Twitter specifically.

Both Facebook and Google are run by Jews. Twitter might as well be run by Jews because they censor everything the Jew-run Anti-Defamation League wants banned.

But there’s lots of stuff to unwrap in this tweet.

First off, the Democrat Party colluded with the Russians. Look into the Uranium One scandal and some of the #pissgate dossier connections which link Democrats to Russians.

Secondly, the FBI never analyzed the DNC server that the Democrats claimed was hacked by Russians. Instead, they took the word of a firm called Crowdstrike whose Chief Technology Officer is ironically a Russian national. This was the firm the Democrat Party hired to analyze the server. The findings of Crowdstrike have been considered gospel in the Jewish media ever since despite the fact that the FBI never independently verified these claims.

But Trump’s comment about the Democrat Party and the big tech firms is the most relevant thing here.

These Jewish tech monopolies are attempting to ban all political commentary to the right of Karl Marx off the Internet. It’s basically a push to ban all of Trump’s political supporters from having their voices heard.

We’ve already seen the Alt-Right, Alex Jones and countless others banned from the big social media sites and various tech services. They’re now starting to go after more moderate voices as we’ve seen with the Ralph Retort channel getting banned from YouTube among others.

There absolutely needs to be wide sweeping and comprehensive action taken against these tech monopolies. Trump can talk or tweet about the problem all he wants, but it needs to be backed up with substantive action. We have not seen any substantive action yet and we need this to happen immediately.

If his supporters are blocked from supporting him on the Internet, the 2020 campaign is going to be a real challenge. We absolutely must have equal access to the digital public square.