The term “antifa” has been trending on Twitter after anti-fascists in Portland brutally attacked a gay Asian journalist named Andy Ngo. The footage indicates that it was quite the cowardly attack which is par for the course when it comes to these antifa faggots. Looks like a mob of these shitbags attacked him and threw stuff at him as he was walking away. He also had some of his stuff stolen as police watched and did nothing.

Ngo was apparently targeted because he was documenting the terrorist activities of the Portland anti-fascists.

Here’s a sample of some of what’s being tweeted.

The morbidly obese nigger Daryle Lamont Jenkins actually defended the actions of the anti-fascists for some strange reason.

Jenkins and others like him who are trying to whitewash the actions of the anti-fascists aren’t getting much support. There’s not that much they can say about this. An Asian homosexual was beaten up by a mob of anti-fascists. If they were smart they would just shut up and say nothing.

What’s interesting is seeing all these “conservatives” demanding that action is taken against anti-fascists for doing terrorism. Do they really expect the orange man in the White House to do anything about this? Orange man hasn’t done shit to protect free speech rights on the Internet and he hasn’t done shit to deal with these anti-fascists. These groups are protected by the deep Jewish state and nothing ever happens to them. We’ve seen this over and over again.

Police have even gone so far as to press charges against the groups that anti-fascists target with violence. Just defending yourself from their attacks is reason enough for them to arrest you. So with this in mind, we’ll probably see them arrest this homosexual “conservative” journalist for being attacked even though it looks like he did nothing to defend himself.