The Pope gives the thumbs up to gay sex orgies and male prostitutes.

The Pope has said many stupid things during his tenure as the head of the Catholic Church. This is perhaps the most retarded thing he has said yet. He is claiming that a man buying sex from a woman is the equivalent of torturing a woman. Clearly, he is confusing female prostitution with male prostitution.


Pope Francis asked forgiveness Monday for all Christians who buy sex from women, saying men who frequent prostitutes are criminals with a “sick mentality” who think that women exist to be exploited.

“This isn’t making love. This is torturing a woman. Let’s not confuse the terms,” Francis insisted.

The pope made the comments during an intimate, four-hour-long listening session with 300 young people who were invited by the Vatican to Rome this week to help church leaders learn what kids these days think about the Catholic Church.

Buying sex from a woman is not torturing them. Many females employed as prostitutes actually enjoy their work. That’s because the natural state of a woman is that of a whore. Sure, some enjoy their work more than others. It just depends. I mean, not everybody likes their job all the time and prostitution is no different than any other job.

But prostitution is a fair exchange. A woman is selling her body for money. She is voluntarily doing this.

Now when a man sells his asshole for gay sex, I would agree that this is more like torture. That’s because a man’s penis does not belong up a man’s asshole. A man’s penis does belong in a woman’s vagina because that is how our species reproduces.

When a man sticks his cock up another man’s asshole, it is a highly unnatural act. The Catholic Church is filled with all sorts of faggots who have used male prostitutes.

It seems to me that the Pope should focus his energy on dealing with the male prostitute problem that exists in the Catholic Church. That’s a far bigger problem because homosexuality is an unnatural act condemned by god himself.