I have no idea why these Jews think blaming Poland for the Holocaust is a smart thing but that’s what they are doing. Poland’s Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki has cancelled a trip to Israel over the situation.


PM Mateusz Morawiecki has cancelled a trip to Israel following comments on the Holocaust by Israeli counterpart Benjamin Netanyahu.

Mr Netanyahu was quoted in Israeli media as saying “Poles co-operated with the Germans” during the Holocaust.

He later issued a clarification saying he was not referring to the Polish nation or all Polish people.

Poland summoned the Israeli ambassador and on Sunday said Mr Morawiecki would not attend a summit on Tuesday.

Putting aside the fact that the alleged Jewish Holocaust of six million is a total hoax and a fraud, it is utterly insane that the Jews have started to blame Poles for this. Up until just a few years ago, the Holocaust was only blamed on Germany.

During World War II, Germany invaded Poland and allegedly setup all of these death camps on Polish territory. So to blame the Poles for the Holocaust is ridiculous. Their country was invaded and they had no real say in what happened under German occupation.

But here’s the thing, the Poles could potentially decide to launch a full investigation into the so-called Jewish Holocaust. And if they do that, it would expose a number of highly inconvenient facts.

All they would have to say is that since the Jews are accusing us Poles of being complicit in the Holocaust, we are going to launch an investigation to prove them wrong. This could be done in conjunction with eliminating any Holocaust denial laws.

But the main point in all this is that the Jews are playing with fire accusing the Poles of Holocausting them when they have the ability to totally expose their stupid hoax.