After Poland criminalized blaming Poles for the Holohoax, they’re now saying that Israel wants a monopoly on Holohoaxing.


An adviser to Poland’s president says he thinks Israel’s negative reaction to a law criminalizing some statements about Poland’s actions during World War II stemmed from a “feeling of shame at the passivity of the Jews during the Holocaust.”

Andrzej Zybertowicz, a Nicolaus Copernicus University sociology professor who also serves as a presidential adviser, called Israel’s opposition to the new law “anti-Polish” and said it shows the Mideast nation is “clearly fighting to keep the monopoly on the Holocaust.”

“Many Jews engaged in denunciation, collaboration during the war. I think Israel has still not worked it through,” Zybertowicz said in the interview in the Polska-The Times newspaper Friday.

Zybertowicz could not immediately be reached for comment but tweeted a link to the article.

His remarks follow open expressions of anti-Semitism that surfaced online and in some government-controlled media when Israeli officials objected to the law, which outlaws public statements that falsely and intentionally attribute Nazi crimes to Poland under the German occupation.

Even though it is funny how the Poles have really pissed Jews off with their new Holohoax law, the move doesn’t go nearly far enough. We all know that the Holohoax is a fairy tale based off of lies. There were no shower room gas chambers, death roller coasters and machines that masturbated Jews to death.

Poland should immediately revoke all Holohoax denial laws and investigate the facts of what actually happened. Not only would an investigation absolve Poles of responsibility, but it would expose the entire thing as a big Jewish hoax.

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