A Pittsburgh rabbi who met with Donald Trump after 6,000,011 Jews were shot in a synagogue, is basically claiming that more Jews will die if the First Amendment isn’t abolished.

In the CNN clip above, the rabbi said that he told Trump that hate speech leads to hateful actions which apparently leads to 6,000,011 Jews dying. The thing is, hate speech is just a term Jews use to label speech they dislike. It’s synonymous with being against free speech.

So this is just another example of Jews pushing this idea that free speech is anti-Semitic and must be shut down. They are literally trying to justify shutting down all free speech over this situation. They’re even claiming that criticism of the Jew George Soros or “globalists” are now both anti-Semitic.

If these Jews think free speech leads to Jews getting killed by Nazis than they should live in Israel.

The First Amendment is not getting abolished to appease a bunch of filthy kikes.