PewDiePie has just put out a new video following another video where he celebrated obtaining 100 million subscribers. He announced in the celebration video that he was donating $50,000 to the Jewish Anti-Defamation League.

This upset many people including myself because donating money to such a horrible group is obviously retarded. It spawned conversation about how the ADL acts as a Jewish mafia group and tries to ban people from the Internet for simply having political views disliked by Jews.

But it turns out that Felix was just trolling everyone including the evil Jews at the ADL with the donation announcement. It looks likes Felix did this to get everybody talking about how bad the Jewish ADL was.

His follow up video shows him explaining how he didn’t realize what a terrible organization the ADL was and that because of the new information he learned, he was not going to donate $50,000 to them. He said this while wearing a collar with a Maltese cross. The symbolism is a clear message to people like us that he is on our wavelength.

This is some high level trolling. The ADL kikes can’t be happy about such a high level troll being pulled on them. There’s all sorts of news stories about this where the kikes are being forced to debunk all the things that are being exposed about the ADL after PewDiePie originally said that he was going to give $50,000 to them.

This is great stuff and has made me very happy to see.

I sincerely hope that PewDiePie will fulfill his destiny and become the 21st century savior of the White European race and defeat these evil kikes. Because exposing the chicanery of these evil Jews on a daily basis is quite the task for me. If PewDiePie were to defeat the Jews, I could focus my time and energy on some of my hobbies and other fun things I enjoy.