The Pentagon is deploying $1 billion to build 57 miles of border wall along the southern border.


The Pentagon has authorised the transfer of $1bn (£758m) to army engineers for new wall construction along the US-Mexico border.

The funds are the first under the national emergency declared by President Donald Trump to bypass Congress and build the barrier he pledged during his election campaign.

Democrats have protested against the move.

The funds will be used to build about 57 miles (91km) of fencing.

Better than nothing I guess, but this is only 57 miles. The US-Mexico border is over 2,000 miles long. And while you don’t need a wall or a barrier across all of it, you definitely need more than 57 miles worth to properly secure it.

It’s really funny to see how every single solitary penny is being scrutinized to construct a wall on the southern border but there’s no accountability when it comes to waging wars for Jews and Israel. How many trillions have been wasted in the Middle East with all sorts of bullshit no-bid contracts?

Ultimately though, the wall doesn’t even matter if Blormf is just going to increase legal immigration so they can take jobs from Americans. And then you have the issue of all these illegals requesting asylum, getting temporarily detained and released into the country.