The Speaker of the House Paul Ryan announced his retirement from Congress today. He’s going to serve out the remainder of his term but will not seek re-election.

Ryan has been one of the most prominent cuckservatives in the Republican party. He opposed the populist wave that made Donald Trump the President of the United States and was soft on stopping the non-White invasion of America throughout his Congressional career. The only moderately decent thing he did was help with the tax cuts bill that got passed at the end of 2017. Other than that, his time in Congress has been a failure.

Assuming the Republicans can maintain a majority, let’s hope we can get somebody in this role who will be more supportive of the President’s domestic agenda. Of course, none of this may matter if the President starts World War III in Syria.

The President recognized him in the midst of all the crazy stuff he was saying about Syria and Russia. He seems to be much more fond of Ryan than his base is. I think much of his base is glad to see him go.

The fact that Paul Nehlen went crazy just as there were signs that Ryan was heading out the door is a shame. If he didn’t go nuts, he would have been in a much better position to win Ryan’s Congressional seat.