Paul Nehlen did an appearance on John Cardillo’s show which is associated with the Jew-run media operation of Rebel Media. Cardillo doing the bidding of his Jewish masters, confronted Nehlen on statements he made about Jews.

Nehlen totally destroyed him. He was so effective with his arguments that Rebel Media has not made the archive public and is apparently hiding it behind a paywall. Fortunately, Nehlen recorded his own copy which can be viewed above.

During the interview, Cardillo used some of the most ridiculous mental gymnastics imaginable to try and claim that Jews are not a separate race from Whites. We know this to be false based on DNA testing and the fact that Israel is looking at using DNA testing as an official legal method to determine who is a Jew and who is not.

The flood gates are opening with all this information about the Jews. Not amount of kikery is going to be able to contain it.