Patrick Casey the leader of the American Identity Movement has been banned off of Twitter. It looks as if he was banned for having the nerve to ask Charlie Kirk a tough question.

Here’s the clip of Casey confronting Kirk in case you missed it.

Casey made Kirk and his gay nigger boyfriend look like the clowns that they are at their recent speaking event at Ohio State University. Same can be said about the large contingent of groypers who asked them questions about their support of Israel, nigger anal sex and unlimited immigration into the United States.

But be warned, if you make Kirk or anybody at the fake conservative shill organization Turning Point USA look foolish, you will probably be banned from social media. This is apparently a new rule that is being enforced.

This ban of Casey appears to be a precursor to them figuring out a justifiable reason to ban Nick Fuentes. Of course, banning Fuentes would set off a march larger firestorm so they seem to be testing the waters by banning Casey.