Wow, who could have ever predicted this? The Boy Scouts started allowing homosexuals to become scout leaders and volunteers and it has now been revealed that over 12,000 boys were sexually abused by these faggots.

ABC News:

An expert who has been working with the Boy Scouts revealed that there may have been as many as 7,819 allegedly sexually abusive troop leaders and volunteers in the storied organization, according to newly released court documents.

More than 7,800 individuals allegedly abused 12,254 victims, according to the court testimony.

These figures were released Tuesday by attorney Jeff Anderson, whose firm regularly represents victims of sexual abuse and has been involved in numerous clerical sexual abuse cases.

Of course, faggots were already involving themselves with the Boy Scouts but just under the radar. By openly allowing faggots into the organization, they opened the floodgates. Now the organization is filled with all sorts of queers who are using their position to gain sexual access to young boys.

Back in the 1950s, boys were warned about homosexuals and were considered sick people with a mental disorder. This was to protect boys from these disgusting predators.

This guy understood what was going on.

But these days thanks to Jews, our society has been conned into believing that homosexuality is a normal behavior and should be embraced. It is obviously not something that should be promoted or embraced. It is a disgusting and degenerate activity.

We can solve this problem by punishing faggots with the penalty of death. The Islamic State had the right idea. They just took faggots and threw them off of roof tops. And as a result, they did not have a problem with faggots trying to rape boys in their country. Not like we do in America at least.