It looks like a number of Iraqis are not happy with the ZOG democracy that has been forced on them.


The death toll from ongoing anti-government protests in Iraq has risen to almost 100, according to the country’s parliamentary human rights commission.

The unrest entered its fifth day on Saturday, with five people killed in the latest clashes in Baghdad.

The security forces are again reported to have used live rounds.

Demonstrators say they are taking a stand against unemployment, poor public services and corruption.

The protests are seen as the first major challenge to Prime Minister Adel Abdel Mahdi’s fragile government, nearly a year since he came to power.

The authorities have been trying to control the protests through curfews and a near-total internet blackout.

An emergency session of parliament failed to go ahead on Saturday afternoon.

Iraq was effectively a better place under the rule of Saddam Hussein. NPR even did a recentĀ report talking about how there are Iraqis who look back at the Hussein-era with fondness.

With Hussein there was some form of stability. But with the ZOG occupation, you have chaos and corruption which is why we are now seeing these explosive protests take place around the country.