VICE News has just put out a horrendously disgusting documentary on 8Chan featuring fish face aka Elle Reeve. It has caused outrage.

The trailer shows Reeve psychologically abusing the 8Chan founder a crippled individual named Fredrick Brennan more commonly known as Hot Wheels. The bitch may have even tortured him to get him to say the things she wanted him to say on camera.

Of course, this is just speculation and we can’t confirm that she tortured the poor crippled bastard but considering how sick of a person she is, it is certainly within the realm of possibilities.

They actually had the nerve to entitle the documentary, “How 8Chan Became The Worst Place on the Internet.”

This choice in title makes any claim that VICE News is doing objective journalism a complete joke. It is obvious that this film is nothing more than a hit piece on a website that provided a means for people to engage in free political discourse.

Remarkably, there is no mention in the documentary of how Reeve broke into the home of Jim Watkins the current owner of 8Chan. When this happened, it was a pretty big deal and there was some question as to if Reeve would be allowed to leave the Philippines. She even locked her Twitter account when things got hot.

Watkins put out a YouTube video about the situation when it happened.

But following the posting of a manifesto by¬†Patrick Crusius, the El Paso Walmart shooter, 8Chan was forced off the Internet. As if it was 8Chan’s fault that someone posted a manifesto on their website. If a manifesto was posted on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube, there would not be a push to have those sites banned off the Internet. But this was used as an excuse to put pressure on key service providers that kept 8Chan online to pull the plug on them.

8Chan is still not back on the regular Internet although Watkins has said that it might be back online within the next week or so.

Be that as it may, this documentary is disgusting. Fish face should be rotting away in a Filipino prison right now. She is a criminal and more importantly a very bad and evil person who is openly opposed to free speech on the Internet.

Just look at her. Pure scum.