This is definitely something that I do not support.

Fox News:

Pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong cheered President Trump and members of Congress for passing two laws that support the months-long uprising that has crippled the city while Beijing’s anger over the legislation was on full display, calling the move a “nakedly hegemonic act” before summoning the top American diplomat in the country in protest.

The protests in Hong Kong started in June in response to, in part, an extradition bill that would have sent alleged criminals to China to stand trial. The bill never went forward, but the protests remained and only grew in size and violence since June.

This is blatant interference within the internal politics of China. Hong Kong after all is a part of China.

By signing this bill into law, we now have open American support for anti-China terrorists who have been committing violent and destructive acts all over Hong Kong. They’ve been fire bombing buildings, shooting arrows at police and doing all sorts of other bizarre shit.

All this is because they say they want more democracy even though they already had democracy and legalized gay anal sex. At least that’s what they seem to want. I mean, I guess that’s what they want, although it isn’t exactly clear what their exact demands are.

The whole thing is crazy. There’d be outrage if let’s say China funded anti-American groups in the United States. But somehow this is okay because it is helping advance “democracy.”

Obviously, we have some serious problems with China on trade and other issues, but supporting rioters and terrorists in Hong Kong is counterproductive and not helpful.