The orange man gave a press conference today defending his decision to remove military personnel from Syria. He basically said that all these wars in the Middle East have been stupid and there’s no reason for America to be involved in these endless wars.

He did this despite all the kvetching from kikes in the media and shill politicians from both political parties who largely represent Jews and Israel over the interests of America.

He also touched upon a number of different issues including Joe Biden calling for his impeachment, the bullshit with China and the NBA etc..

We’ll see if the orange man stands up to all the pressure that the Jews are bringing down on him over this. Because these kikes literally think the American military’s primary purpose is to defend Israel. God forbid that Jews have to spill their own blood defending their disgusting race.

This move by the orange man is being considered by these people as anti-Israel and that’s why they’re foaming at the mouth over it. And who knows, they might even start calling him anti-Semitic for withdrawing troops from Syria.