The orange man is saying he’ll do a deal with Democrats on DACA if the Supreme Court overturns the DACA case that’s currently in front of them. The media is saying that it looks likely that the Supreme Court will let the orange man end DACA but we still don’t know if that will be the ultimate outcome.

And I have no idea if he’s just saying this thinking it might get the Supreme Court to rule in his favor.

He sure pissed off Ann Coulter with the tweet though.

Either way, there should be no deal on DACA. All these brown DACA invaders should be kicked out of the country. It isn’t like the Democrats are going to negotiate in good faith on a deal considering what they’re doing with this impeachment circus.

I say deport them and let the Democrats whine and cry about it. Most of these brown people are just future Democrat voters who will demand free shit from White people any way.