I have no real opinion on this. I’m just glad that American forces are out of Syria. You now have a situation on the ground where Turkey, Syria, Russia and the Kurds will need to sort things out.

And if the orange man wants to impose sanctions on Turkey for doing bad things to the Kurds than so be it. I don’t really give a shit.


Days after appearing to acquiesce to a Turkish invasion of northern Syria aimed at routing Washington’s Kurdish allies, the White House is officially reversing course, calling instead for a cease-fire, imposing economic sanctions and dispatching Vice President Pence to Ankara.

In an executive order issued Monday, President Trump declared that Turkey’s offensive “undermines the campaign to defeat the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, or ISIS, endangers civilians, and further threatens to undermine the peace, security, and stability in the region… .”

The order halts a $100 billion trade deal being hammered out between Ankara and Washington, raises tariffs on Turkish steel to 50% and imposes sanctions on senior Turkish officials and the country’s defense and energy ministries.

“I am fully prepared to swiftly destroy Turkey’s economy if Turkish leaders continue down this dangerous and destructive path,” the president said in a statement.

I guess the orange man pretty much had to do this since Congress was probably going to force his hand any way. There were pro-Kurdish shills in both parties angry that he pulled American forces out and are mad that the Turks are killing Kurds. But they’re only adopting this position because it is the same position of Israel which has supported the Kurds as a force of division and conflict throughout the region. In reality, it would be insane for American forces to support the Kurds against Turkey who at this moment is still a NATO ally.

And speaking of which, I don’t even know why Turkey is still in NATO. Not that I would support the Kurds in either circumstance, but their alliance with NATO is a product of the Cold War when nukes were stationed in Turkey to counter the Soviet Union. And with Turkey threatening to flood Europe with millions of brown savages, it seems as if their involvement with NATO should be re-evaluated if not terminated outright.