The Stormer Book Clubs just did a fairly major flyer operation across multiple states. The flyers were designed to raise awareness about how Jews are the primary group behind speech censorship on the Internet.

Check out Azzmador’s Daily Stormer article for all the photos.

Here’s the flyer that was circulated.

The flyer postings got some local news coverage.

The Jews and their Communist friends have been crying about it all over Twitter and in their publications. Take in point the Jewish Daily Forward.

Here’s some other articles covering the campaign.

San Francisco CBS

Sacramento Bee


Detroit Free Press

And some of the tweets.

This was a solid effort. Take note that none of the articles or responses to the flyers dispute the information presented. It is a 100 percent verifiable fact that Jews are the primary driving force behind speech censorship on the Internet. The biggest social media companies which include Google, Facebook and Twitter are all controlled or under the influence of Jewish organizations.

Instead of addressing this fact, all these people do is cry about how “racism” is wrong. Well, is it wrong to point out the fact that Jews are shutting down free speech? It’s time for a real conversation about this very important issue.

I salute everyone who participated in this virtuous campaign supporting free speech on the Internet.

Hail Victory!