If you don’t want World War III, the Pentagon says you are a Russian troll.

A Pentagon affirmative action hire told us today that Russian trolls have increased 2,000 percent in the past 24 hours. 2,000 percent!

So the Pentagon is claiming that anybody who disagrees with the decision to attack Syria over flimsy evidence that Bashar Al-Assad gassed babies is a Russian troll.

Same goes for anybody who thinks that we should not attack Syria for the benefit of Jews and Israel.

This sort of undermines the Jewish narrative that Russian trolls helped get Donald Trump elected. I thought that Russia wanted Trump to get elected because Trump was some type of asset working for Vladimir Putin. But now we have the Pentagon saying that those same Russian trolls turned on him. Apparently because he finally did something good for humanity when he attacked Syria over baby gassing claims.

This is an insane narrative. They should just admit that the American people do not support this stupid and retarded military action. They’ve provided zero proof that Assad gassed children and attacked before a proper investigation could take place. This brings us closer to a full blown World War III scenario. None of us want this except for Jews and senile neocon boomers who think we are in the end times. The shit the Pentagon is spewing is retard tier propaganda.