Looks like we have some work to do. Only one out of every four Europeans hate the kikes.


A new survey shows about one in four Europeans holding anti-Semitic beliefs, with such attitudes on the rise in eastern countries and mostly steady in the west.

The poll of 14 European countries released Thursday by the New York-based Anti-Defamation League found anti-Semitic attitudes most prevalent in Poland, Ukraine and Hungary, with more than 40% of the respondents in each country expressing such views.

The governments of all three countries have been criticized by Jewish groups recently, though all deny being anti-Semitic.

In western Europe, the study found anti-Semitic views were either stable or down, with decreases in Britain, Spain, Netherlands, Italy, Germany and Austria. Denmark and Belgium saw minor increases, while France was unchanged and Sweden had the lowest rate, at 4%.

Leave it to Sweden to only have kike-hatred at 4 percent.

This just means we have to step up our education efforts. Because once people are properly educated about the kikes, they will have every reason in the world to hate them.

The kike problem is the most important problem we must deal with in the 21st century. All the horrible things that are happening in our countries is a direct result of their subversive activities. If we take care of the kikes, all else will come into place.