Hunter Wallace of Occidental Dissent has written a series of attack articles against the Daily Stormer after the Daily Stormer exposed concerning connections between TheRightStuff.Biz, federal informants and a variety of questionable weirdos.

Occidental Dissent a website run by Hunter Wallace, has recently gone on a rampage publishing numerous attack articles against the Daily Stormer. Normally such attack pieces wouldn’t be worth mentioning except for the fact that these attacks have come right after the Daily Stormer published a series of articles exposing how TheRightStuff.Biz (TRS) was openly working with the admitted federal informant Christopher Cantwell and had allowed a self-described tranny-fucking, drug trafficker, fed snitch and hunter of Zulu niggers named Jayoh De La Rey aka Jim Object to be involved in the security of their real life “Pool Party” meetup groups.

A whole summary of this insanity including a timeline of events was published on the Daily Stormer yesterday.

The mental gymnastics being employed by Wallace to deflect from these revelations has been some of the best unintentional comedy I’ve seen in a long time. Both in the articles and in the comment sections of his published articles, Wallace refuses to directly address the contents of the now infamous Jim Object podcast.

If you haven’t listened to the podcast yet, listen to it and understand that the self-described drug trafficking, fed snitch and tranny-fucker Jim Object is literally the same individual who TRS has chosen to be a high level employee within their organization.


And contrary to claims otherwise, the podcast is not a troll or a joke. It is a serious conversation recorded back in 2012 in which Jim Object discusses a variety of topics relevant to anarchists.

It is perfectly logical and reasonable for someone to want to know why TRS would employ and associate with such a person. But instead of having an honest conversation about this, Wallace is doing everything in his power to deflect from it.

The articles he has published are all hilariously crazy. He first implied that the Daily Stormer had gone into a “meltdown” simply for asking questions about the contents of the Jim Object podcast. He also falsely claims that this “meltdown” is over unreturned phone calls while deliberately omitting the existence of said podcast from his article. If you read through the piece, Wallace comes off as the one having a meltdown with a variety of lunatic allegations by misconstruing the original intention of satirical Daily Stormer articles.

Maybe if Hunter Wallace actually had the ability to properly identify satire, we could take his accusations more seriously. But based on his recent flurry of attack articles, it doesn’t seem as if he possesses such an ability.

In his most recent article, Wallace again misrepresents satirical Daily Stormer articles as serious interpretations. He actually claims that Andrew Anglin is crazy because he allegedly fantasizes about beating up Little Mermaid over an obviously satirical article Anglin wrote about incels. It’s like Wallace is incapable of understanding satire and hyperbole.

Wallace also falsely claims in the article that the Daily Stormer doesn’t care if your personal information is at risk even though every Daily Stormer writer actively encourages people to use a variety of Internet privacy tools. It’s also worth noting that the site’s bulletin board system is now only available via Tor which masks a user’s originating IP address. In fact, the entire operation might be forced to exist only on Tor if this crazy Jewish Internet censorship agenda continues.

The Daily Stormer doesn’t even have the ability to solicit donations from credit cards due to the site being banned from every payment processor imaginable. So there is objectively little if any personal information of value that the site is able to collect from people. And the Stormer Book Clubs don’t ask for nor want to know anybody’s personal information. This is why Wallace going on about this is absurd. Especially when TheRightStuff.Biz is openly working with known federal informants, accepts credit cards and has people’s real life information. If he was really concerned about people’s personal information being compromised, he’d be asking serious questions about what TRS is doing. But instead, he chooses to make these unfounded allegations against the Daily Stormer.

Wallace did another article rambling about how weev is a Jew and part of a Jewish conspiracy. It’s a rehash of old accusations and misinformation. And I’m not even sure if some of the old screen grabs he is using in his piece are authentic.

All I can say is that in the five years I have written for the Daily Stormer I have not seen weev do or say anything that would make me believe that he was trying to sabotage our efforts or is part of a Jewish conspiracy. And even if you believe everything Wallace is saying about weev, it is irrelevant to the Jim Object/TRS situation.

Occidental Dissent wants you to believe that the admitted federal informant Christopher Cantwell who has reported White nationalists to the FBI, has doxed people and engaged in other unethical behavior was almost victimized by a supposed Daily Stormer plot.

Wallace published another article going so far as to claim that the admitted federal informant Christopher Cantwell somehow avoided becoming a victim of the Daily Stormer over what was ultimately a hoax march in Whitefish, Montana meant to troll the Jewish establishment.

Anglin was literally writing about how members of Hamas would be joining 178 skinheads bused in from the San Francisco area to participate in the march. He even described how they would be armed with guns, bats and swords. He fooled the Jewish establishment into spending huge sums of money to bus in anti-fascists up to Whitefish, Montana in the middle of winter to counter a hoax march.

It was an obvious and wildly successful troll, but it is hilarious how Wallace is trying to paint a federal informant like Cantwell who has reported information about White nationalists to the FBI, doxed people and engaged in other crazy unethical activities as having avoided becoming a victim of the Daily Stormer. This idea is completely insane especially considering that post-Charlottesville, the Daily Stormer tried to raise money for Cantwell’s legal defense prior to it being known that he was operating as a federal informant.

Jayoh De La Rey aka Jim Object the self-described fed snitch, drug trafficker, BDSM fetishist, tranny fucker and Zulu nigger hunter is a great guy according to Occidental Dissent.

Another article written by one of Wallace’s associates named Trey Knickerbocker claims that Jayoh/Jim Object could not be a federal informant because he drank with him for four hours and was a cool guy who didn’t ask him for any personal information during those four hours. As if Jim Object would need to ask anybody directly for their personal information when he was assigned the task of being a main point of contact for TRS’s real life meetup groups. All the information he would need would be coming directly to him.

Knickerbocker willfully ignores the fact that he was on the aforementioned anarchist podcast self-describing himself as a fed snitch, drug trafficker and tranny-fucker. Not to mention all the obvious bullshit he later claimed about being a mercenary who hunted Zulu niggers in South Africa.

Mike Peinovich aka Mike Enoch who claims you are insane or an agent of the SPLC if you question TheRightStuff.Biz, is a great person and a highly trustworthy person according to Occidental Dissent. 

He also goes on about how Mike Peinovich aka Mike Enoch is a wonderful person even though he deliberately misled and mocked his audience when it was revealed that he had a Jewish wife. Not to mention how he has been claiming that people are low IQ, mentally ill or agents of the Jewish SPLC if they have the nerve to question the credibility of TheRightStuff.Biz.

There are also other insane attack articles that were published by Wallace following the dump of this Jim Object podcast on 4chan. Unfortunately, it would take a great deal of time to go through all of the fallacies and misrepresentations that have been written.

Wallace has done all this while simultaneously promoting and defending the aforementioned federal informant Christopher Cantwell and individuals like Ramzpaul who has regularly attacked the Daily Stormer with blatant falsehoods. Ramzpaul going on Twitter and claiming that the Daily Stormer promotes Hollywood Nazism while linking to the Wallace piece on weev was one of the most laughable examples imaginable. That’s because Wallace has been an advocate of these same costume Nazi marches that Ramzpaul would consider Hollywood Nazism.

And just to be clear, I have nothing personal against Wallace. I even thought that Wallace did some decent writing work in the past. However, I feel his attacks against the Daily Stormer are unwarranted and appear to be a deliberate way to misdirect and distract people from the contents of the Jim Object podcast. In fact, it would seem as if he is he has been asked to serve as a surrogate on behalf of TRS and that is why he is attacking the Daily Stormer with all this nonsensical bullshit.

I further believe that these attacks against Anglin and the Daily Stormer have been totally without merit. All Anglin did was raise some questions about a podcast and TRS’s association with an admitted federal informant. There is nothing unreasonable about any of this, irregardless of what you think of Anglin or the Daily Stormer. That’s why all of these belligerent attacks that have come after these questions were raised is quite a bizarre thing to watch.

Look, even if you believe every crazy thing Wallace has published about Anglin, weev or the Daily Stormer, it does not erase the existence of the Jim Object podcast or the many questions that surround it. This is just a fact and it doesn’t matter how many attack articles Wallace or anybody else publishes.

But either way, I’m sure Wallace will continue publishing these attack articles. And in many respects, I hope he does, because I’ve found all the stuff he’s written so far to be very funny. It’s some of the best unintentional satirical comedy I’ve read in awhile.

However, Wallace’s willingness to prop up federal informants like Christopher Cantwell and publish articles defending TheRightStuff.Biz’s association with federal informants is not a joke and is deeply troubling.