Each and every day I am amazed at the level of absurdity we see from these Christ-killing kikes. The Jew-run New York Times actually published a political cartoon claiming that American military personnel sign up to fight wars in the Middle East for the benefit of Israel and not so they can defend America’s borders.

This is the dumbest propaganda imaginable. The original cartoon even had one of the soldiers saying that he “enrolled” to fight in the Middle East and not “enlisted” which is the proper terminology. Looks like they edited it.

It just shows how out of touch these fools are with America. It’s as if the New York Times is run by an alien race of people who have nothing in common with us.

There’s nobody in the military who would say that they signed up to fight wars in the Middle East for the benefit of rat faced kikes in Israel. Yet, this cartoon assumes that the role of the American military is to fight wars in the Middle East against Israel’s enemies.

Defending America’s sovereignty and protecting the nation’s borders is a legitimate use of military power, unlike all these dumb wars that have been waged around the world.

The response to this cartoon has been overwhelmingly negative.

Leftists hate this cartoon because it endorses wars against brown people in the Middle East and typical normie Republican types hate it because they believe the military should be used to defend the nation’s borders. It is one of the most ridiculous and tone deaf things they’ve published yet.

The New York Times is truly an enemy of the people and that’s because it is run by Jews. The term “enemy of the people” and Jews is synonymous.