The Jew-run New York Times newspaper is becoming a bigger and bigger joke each and every day. Besides their brand which gives them a false aura of credibility, what’s the difference between them and leftist propaganda sites like the Huffington Post? They both publish equally insane and ridiculous bullshit on a daily basis. It’s honestly becoming more and more difficult to distinguish a difference between them.

Despite claiming that they would try to become a better publisher of news and information, after wrongly predicting the outcome of the 2016 election, they’ve managed to get worse.

They recently published a piece claiming that Donald Trump’s nationalism is bad for the Republican Party because it is causing suburban voters to abandon them.

The piece talks about how suburbanites are concerned with Trump’s racism and that this is going to cause them to vote for Democrats in the midterm. It specifically focuses in on women and wealthier people. The theory is that Trump’s focus on immigration is going to turn these people off.

This sounds like a bunch of emotionally driven echo chamber logic. The vast majority of sane people in America don’t want a horde of illegal aliens charging into our country for economic reasons. This includes suburbanites. And besides, midterm elections are mainly about getting your base out to vote due to the fact that turnout is generally much lower compared to presidential election years. Immigration is obviously a major issue for the Republican base.

This just proves that the Jewish mainstream is being forced to hire far less competent people to push their propaganda. Fewer and fewer capable people are willing to do this type of shit job for them and this is the end result. It’s why we are winning and they are losing.