Interesting decision here by the National Security Agency. They decided to purge 685 million phone and text records citing privacy reasons and miscellaneous irregularities.

So they just admitted that they were unlawfully collecting people’s information. This type of thing was considered conspiracy theory back in the 2000s and here they are in 2018 admitting that the conspiracy was real all along. Talk about a real shit show.

The President called the situation a disgrace and he is right to describe it as such.

The NSA must be really desperate to hide something if they were willing to admit that they had involved themselves in unlawfully collecting people’s information. After all, this is an organization that specializes in collecting everyone’s information under the guise of national security. We can be assured that they have all sorts of information that would be damaging to the conspirators behind the hoax to frame Trump as a Russian agent. So the question is, were they hiding this? Or were they hiding something even more sinister?

Whole thing seems like a cover your ass decision if you ask me.