The narrative being pushed by the Jewish media on the government shutdown is that it is bad because federal government employees aren’t going to get paid.

Here’s some of the coverage.

Generally speaking, employees who work for the federal government are useless. We have hundreds of thousands of government employees who literally serve no tangible purpose. And one can only imagine how many niggers are getting paid by the government to sit around and be niggers. So I couldn’t give a flying fuck that these people aren’t getting paid.

Yeah sure, there’s a few exceptions. I do like the people who work at the national parks. Most of those people are good White folks. I certainly don’t want to see them harmed any but they are a notable exception.

The point being, is that we could do without a large number of these federal government employees and function as a nation without any troubles. The amount of money the government wastes on these people is insane. Plus, it is nearly impossible to fire these people once they’re hired. They could be caught raping and murdering children and that might not be enough to get them removed from their job.

But it’s strange that the kikes in the media think this is a winning narrative. It is not a winning narrative. Many people including myself would be glad to see all these useless government employees fired so we can put that savings towards building the border wall. Let them get a real job for a change.

It is absolutely worth shutting down the government for as long as possible in order to get proper funding for the border wall. This is about national security. I remember a time when just uttering the phrase “national security” would allow the government to do anything. What happened to those days?