This doesn’t really come as much surprise. No progress was made in the shutdown negotiations between the White House and Congressional Democrats.

Oh well, let the shutdown continue until 2020 if needed. I honestly couldn’t give a damn how long it takes. And I certainly don’t give a shit about a bunch of useless federal government employees not getting paid. Most of these people don’t do anything substantive and shouldn’t even have a job.

What’s hilarious is seeing how the Jewish media is doing everything they can to convince us that this government shutdown is the equivalent of a zombie apocalypse. Take for example this segment from CNN where they whine about national parks having gross toilets and full rubbish bins.

Horrible I know, but this is nothing compared to what you see in places like San Francisco where homeless niggers are shitting all over the place and leaving trash everywhere. And that’s with a fully open federal government. So this really should not be such an alarming thing to people.

There’s been numerous government shutdowns over the years and life continues. The shutdown is worth it in order to get proper border security. The longer this drags on, the more obvious it is going to be that the Democrats don’t give a shit about America or the safety of its people. They’re nothing but a bunch of Communist anti-American pieces of shit who get paychecks from Jewish billionaires. If there was any justice in this country they’d all be rounded up and put in concentration camps for being enemies of America.