I just came across a clip surprisingly published by Glenn Beck’s operation showing some babbling niggers in Congress accusing the Facebook Jew Mark Zuckerberg of racism.

I know there are Jews who probably read this site because they want to see what us Neo-Nazis are saying about them. So this is a message to all you Jews out there.

Did you really think it was smart propping up these stupid ass niggers into positions of power? These niggers are going to turn on you because they have low IQs and are functionally retarded. Just look at how they treated your fellow tribesman Zuckerberg who they view as a hateful and racist White male. They don’t understand that Jews and Whites are different from one another.

But go ahead and keep creating these golems. They will all turn on you in the end and you will suffer for it. Of course, you won’t listen to me because you view me as a stupid goyim even though your entire race is becoming increasingly retarded through your inbreeding.

The Jewish race might be the most powerful in the world at the moment, but that power was gained through fraud and tricks. Jews have shown time and time again they have no idea how to wield this power and that will be their eventual undoing.