One of the reasons why Nigeria is such an advanced first world country is because of its trading partnership with the nation of Wakanda. The most advanced technology in the world is developed in Wakanda. It’s where Silicon Valley tech companies like Apple have gotten their ideas for things like the iPhone. The documentary film Black Panther released earlier this year goes into more details about this highly advanced civilization.

One of the main products exported by Wakanda are force field charms. The use of these charms creates a bulletproof force field around whoever uses them. Unfortunately, a Nigerian man must have received a malfunctioning unit. He was shot dead during a routine test of the device.


A self-styled traditional healer in Nigeria has died after one of his clients tested his “bullet-proof” charms on him.

Chinaka Adoezuwe, 26, was killed after instructing the man to shoot him as he was wearing the charms around his neck.

Police in the country’s south-eastern Imo state say the client has been arrested on suspicion of murder.

Charms are popular in Nigeria, where traditional healers are consulted for cures for various ailments.

But there have been several reports of people being killed after testing “bullet-proof” charms and medicines.

This story raises some real concerns. Wakandan technology is typically very reliable, but it looks as if a bad batch of force field charms has been produced. I would encourage the Wakandan government to put pressure on the manufacturer to do a full recall of these units. There’s obviously something terribly wrong with them and it is resulting in a highly unnecessary amount of nigger death.

I’m sure Ralph Nader is in full agreement with me on this one.