So Nigel Farage who has been the central pro-Brexit figure and the main figurehead of the United Kingdom Independence Party since the start, has stepped down from the party because of Tommy Robinson’s association.


Nigel Farage has quit UKIP, saying the party’s leader Gerard Batten seems to be obsessed with Islam and ex-English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson.

Speaking on LBC radio, the former leader of the Eurosceptic party said he made the decision with a “heavy heart”.

But he said he did not “recognise” the party anymore and it was turning a blind eye to extremist politics.

Mr Batten survived a vote of no confidence on Monday, after he appointed Mr Robinson as an adviser.

However, the party’s ruling body said it did not endorse Mr Robinson’s appointment and he was barred from membership “through his associations”.

Apparently Robinson’s anti-Islam political views were just too hardcore for Farage. But what did Farage think Brexit was all about? Just economics? Has he not seen the streets of London? It looks more like Islamabad for fuck sake.

Robinson issued this video response to Farage quitting UKIP and rightly criticized his decision.

It isn’t like Robinson is that hardcore of a figure. He’s anti-Islam but pro-Jew and pro-Israel. It’s typical Alt-Lite gibberish.

But the main reason why people voted for Brexit is so the UK could better control its borders. As a part of the European Union, they ceded control over their borders to this bureaucracy of faceless internationalists.

I honestly don’t understand Farage’s behavior since Brexit. He claimed total victory after the British people voted to leave the European Union and has done little to help see its actual implementation. Instead, his political absence has more easily allowed the anti-Brexit wench Theresa May to sabotage it by pretending to do Brexit with this shit Brexit proposal that she knew everyone would reject.

Him quitting UKIP means it is far more likely that the Jews and their globalist pals will be successful in sabotaging Brexit. They’re already pushing for a second vote since they obviously didn’t like the first result. But who knows, maybe I’m wrong and Farage will be able to stop all this by doing his radio show and media interviews. Somehow I doubt that though.

The whole situation shows what a sham democracy is. If the people vote for something that the Jews don’t want, they find an excuse to not do what the people voted for.